- updated to work with latest DLC update


- Updated Goku For anniversary Update


- Dragon Fist Damage Buff : 2000% => 2400%

- Dragon Fist Now deals more damage to low health targets

- Dragon Fist now properly scales with Move speed

- Tweaked Spirit Bomb: -400% base damage & +200% charge damage per second)

- Instant Transmission No Longer Gains Range Per Level

- Instant Transmission now has "infinite" range

- Instant Transmission now grants temporary immunity whilst active

- Ki Blast skill now fires one blast, but can be held to fire another.

- New Transformation : Super Saiyan 5 (With Bonus Skill)


- Fixed bug with using instant tranmission during spirit bomb without having instant transmission equipped


- You can now move whilst charging spirit bomb (slowed movement and halted charge)

- Tweaked Spirit Bomb Damage

- During Spirit Bomb charging, standing still grants bonus armor.

- Spirit Bomb Projectile is now faster but slows down the larger it is

- You can now instant transmission once whilst charging spirit bomb

- Fixed bug with Max Kaioken Strain not recalculating at times

- Fixed bug with Transformation Hotkeys bypassing kaioken restrictions

- Updated Meteor Crash Icon (ty Azure Crimson)


- Kaioken Transformations now require base form mastery

- Implemented UI Display For Kaioken

- Ultra Instinct now teleports to your target when (M1) Melee Striking.

- (Main/Super Saiyan) Transformations now require mastery of the form to be used with Kaioken

- Max Kaioken strain now scales based of Base Form's mastery level

- Reworked Spirit Bomb so its good lol

- Implemeted Tooltip for Kaioken UI (shows when next kaioken is unlockable)


- Added Drip Goku Skin (im sorry) (thanks to Bruh/Rob)


- Replaced lots of old smelly icons with smexy new ones!


- Nerfed Black Kamehameha & Kamehameha X10.


- Fixed idle animation not looping

- fixed invisibility bug with kaioken stun and instant transmission.


- Fixed/Updated for 1.0

- Config Options moved to KingModUtilities

- Balancing Spirit Bomb (Ki Cost Increased, Exploding is now free, increased base damage, reduced charge damage)

- Spirit Bomb Skill FX are slighty more transparent.

- Flight Ki cost is now cheaper and flight speed is now faster.

- Skin Changes should now only occur on your charcter in the lobby (KingModUtilities)

- Renamed Config Option; EnableGokuVoice => EnableCharacterVoice (KingModUtilities)

- UI Reworked to fit new 1.0 UI (KingModUtilities)


- Minor animation overhaul (Idle, Run, Kamehameha)

- New Primary Skill : Melee Strike; A combo based melee attack that targets enemies.

- Movespeed stat increased

- Meteor Crash's Attack speed ki cost scaling removed.

- Ultra Instinct Now activates automatically when unlocked for clients on multiplayer.

- Kaioken now boosts Ki Regen.

- Tweaked kaioken stats

- Kaioken Transformation Cutscene now gives temporary bonus armor.

- Instant Transmission can be aimed at enemies

- Kaioken strain no longer increases during kaioken transformation cutscenes.


- Fixed Bug with Kaioken Transformation Animation playing with no transformation :P


- Fixed Online bug with Pop Up Text appearing for players who were not playing as Goku.

- Kaioken Transformations now trigger mini-Cutscene (Faster version of regular transformation mini-cutscene)

- Buffed Kaioken


- Removed MiniRPCLib And its Dependancy.

- Implemented Full Networking Overhaul (UNET Weaver)

- 99% of Audio & Skill FX are networked.

- Skins now Networked!

- Ultra Instinct now available in Multiplayer.

- Spirit Bomb no longer gets insta-destroyed when attempting to fire another one.

- Spirit Bomb Lifetime extended to 60 secs.

- Fixed Bug with Spirit Bomb Explosion FX not appearing.

- Fixed Bug with Permanent Invisibility when using Instant Transmission with Kaioken.

- Audio Now has Positional & Volume Attenuation.

- Tweaked base/per level Stats.

- Tweaked Meteor Crash. (ki drain now is a % per second, less damage, extra attack speed increases ki drain rate)

- Tweaked Triple Kick. (less damage, faster, improved collisions, procCoefficient => 1.0)

- Ultimate Skill Key now displays In-Game.

- Fixed bug with Transformation Menu dissapearing in character select menu after a Run.

- Added New Config Option : Mastery Time Mult (Controls how fast you gain Masteries)

- You can now only have up to 8 Transformations added (In transformation menu).

- New Transformation : Super Saiyan God 3

- Added New Config Option : Individual Transformation Keys (Allows you to use 1-9 to Transform)


- Tweaked/Balanced all Ultimate skills. (they were too OP, lol)

- Meteor Crash Buff. (moves way faster and scales with movement speed)

- Meteor Crash & Ki Blast Barrage no longer need a key press to trigger. (EG; can now trigger if skill key is held)

- Fixed bug with Upper body animation getting stuck if you're stunned whilst ki blasting.

- Fixed Multiplayer bug with client using ultimate skills, causing the game to softlock...

- Tweaked Bonus Transformations.


- Enabled Ultimate Skills... (im stoopid)


- All Transformations now have a unique ultimate skill. (Pressing the Unique Skill Key)

- New input key for Ultimate Skills. (Default is 'V', can be configurable)

- Added Ultimate Skill : Angry Kamehameha.

- Added Ultimate Skill : Ki Blast Barrage.

- Added Ultimate Skill : Dragon Fist.

- Added Ultimate Skill : God Bind.

- Added Ultimate Skill : God Fist Kamehameha.

- Added Ultimate Skill : Godly Display.

- Added Ultimate Skill : Black Kamehameha.

- Added Ultimate Skill : Kamehameha x10.

- Reworked In-Game power level UI.

- First time Transformations now trigger mini-cutscene. (invincibility applies temporarily)

- Meteor Crash Buff. (More Damage & Armor Bonus)

- Fixed bugs with sprinting.

- Flight system now uses sprinting as a boost mechanic.

- Flight system's vertical movement tweaked.

- Ki Charge Tweaked. (weaker in air, slighty better on ground, becomes less effective when ki is above certain %)

- Spirit Bomb Explosion Visual. (reduced visual explosion size as it was a bit misleading)

- Nerfed Spirit bomb damage.

- Bonus Ki given from items are now displayed on the Ki bar.

- Death Sounds Implemented.

- Ultra instinct dodging will no longer trigger when invincible.

- Alternative Skin Implemented. (Goku Black Costume)

- Custom Skin Selection Menu Implemented.

- Fixed bug with Super Saiyan Rose aura sound not looping.


- Meteor crash now will execute for minimum 1 second with no per second ki cost drain.

- Zenkai Boost Implemented (Permenantly gain bonus stats if you survive death, stacks)

- Reworked Ki Blast skill to be a Double Ki Blast; same ki cost; minor damage decrease.

- Implemented Additional Jump Animation

- Fixed Bug with Flight not exiting after releasing Jump Key


- Tweaked Transformation : Super Saiyan Blue 3

- New Transformation : Super Saiyan Rose

- Fixed Bug with getting softlocked whilst exploding spirit bomb as it's lifetime runs out.

- Fixed Bug with the stationary turrets not shooting (because apparently turrets want to jump!?)

- Flight activates faster

- Flight now deactivates when spacebar is released

- Whilst flying, if ki runs out, flight is temporarily disabled.

- Flight no longer ends when hitting ground.

- Skills can now be used whilst in Flight (it will exit the flight state)

- When using a skill that allows for hovering, holding the Jump Key will let you Hover.


- Fixed Transformation Menu Not Appearing

- Fixed Volume Issues


- Transformation Menu Implemented (Replaces Overview Button In Character Selection Menu)

- Full Character Model Rework & VFX Update!

- Implemented Multi-Layered Animations.

- Kamehameha skill is no longer stationary!

- Kamehameha Skill's Bonus Armor reduced.

- Minimum Charge time for Kamehameha Skill reduced

- If Instant Transmission is equipped, you can use it once during a Kamehameha.

- Implemented a flight system (Holding jump key enters the flight state, at the cost of Ki per second)

- Goku no longer takes fall damage

- Goku now has an additional jump

- Added Ultra Instinct Transformation (Its power is based on your strongest main transformation) (Singleplayer Only)

- Added Bonus Transformation(s)

- Added Meteor Crash Skill (secondary)

- Added Spirit Bomb Skill (special)

- Added Ki Charge Skill (utility)

- Tweaked overall Volume

- Bug Fixes


- god forms now give bonus health regen (is canon!)

- Implemented Transformation Masteries (After using a transformation for a period of time, you will first master it; reducing the ki drain rate by a minor amount, if you continue to use it, you will perfect it and greatly reduce the ki drain rate)


- added audio mixers (Mod's SFX now works with SFX slider)


- added bonus armor when using kamehameha skill

- raised goku's base armor by 2

- Cooldown reduction reduces ki cost of skills. (Ki cost Minimum is 1)

- additional skill stocks now grant bonus max ki (bonus max ki is based of skill slot)

- kamehameha ki drain rate now affected by cooldown reduction


- added Hard Mini-Rpc-Lib Dependency


- there is now a stressed ki bar GUI when kaioken nears full strain

- tweaked transformation strain values (strain multipliers reduced, SSB can handle kaioken better than SSJ3/SSG)

- text pop up now displays when next main transformation is unlocked


- Goku should now be functional after reviving (EG: Dio's Best Friend)

- moved and resized transformation GUI (so its not blocking equipment stocks)

- tweaked kamehameha skill's collision radius

- kamehameha skill's distance now scales with charge


- whilst (Triple Kick / Ki Blast) Skills are active, you can hover by holding Jump (at the small cost of ki per second)

- fixed Ki Blast damage bug

- animations should transition smoother now.

- tweaked kamehameha size

- Changed Ki Blast Animation (Experimenting with custom animations, warning they are not great :P )

- Ki blasts now fire from the middle (should be more accurate now)

- tweaked ki blast damage & collision radius

- moar crash fixes


- removed debug ball of doom

- removed attack speed cap

- kaioken attack speed boost increased

- increased strain limit for kaioken usage (increased per level strain limit)

- Fixed Crashes (caused by OnDestroys / game quits / animation plays)

- Kamehameha procCoefficient : 0.15 => 1.0

- Kamehameha charge per sec damage increased by 200%

- Kamehameha now stuns.

- tweaked Main Transformation ki drain rates

- fixed overflow bug with power level display

- fixed invalid scaling for transformation availability GUI

- Tweaked Damage of Triple Kick & Ki Blast

- instant transmission slightly slower (but whilst in kaioken, it is faster)


- fixed character selection sound (should work with other survivor mods now)

- Improved instant transmission and sped up animation.


- Initial Release!